Ryan J Barnes is a creative who specializes in storytelling, photography, and filmmaking. Ryan enjoys exploring the world, hearing people's stories, capturing images with his camera, and sharing his findings on various new media, online platforms. Ryan also posts vlog style videos, tutorials, behind the scenes films, and more to his youtube channel.



From documentaries and short films to PSAs and more, Ryan J Barnes loves making movies. Here is a collection of films Ryan has been a part of in one aspect or another.


Visual art and photography has always been a passion of Ryan J Barnes. Here is a collection of Ryan's featured images as well as links to different genres of photography.


Ryan J Barnes' blog is a collection of various notes and musings about filmmaking, photography, storytelling, art, life, and being a creative.


Social Media

Ryan J Barnes engages with his audience through his twitter and instagram account. On instagram he shares daily life photos of the world around him and what is going on. Sometimes it's an image of fun in the work place and other times it's a particular photograph he has been working on and is proud of.


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