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Believer - Imagine Dragons


Adobe and Imagine Dragons worked together to create Make the Cut Editing Contest. Contestants were charged with the responsibility of making a music video for Imagine Dragons' hit single Believer using Premiere Pro CC. Adobe offered a free trial of Premiere Pro CC and NewBlue Filters 5 Ultimate plug-in while Imagine Dragons provided the footage and song to be used.

Using the takes provided by Adobe and Imagine Dragons, I tried to tell a visual story of a man fighting training to overcome his internal obstacles using the track to propel the story in this music video. Keeping in mind the three act structure I color coded the scenes with the help of NewBlue Filters 5. NewBlue Filters 5 plug-in let me change some of the background lights' color, automatically masking out the man in the shot.

Supplies Used:

Adobe Premiere Pro CC
NewBlue Filters 5