5 Creative Newsletters, Podcasts, and Blogs I Follow

Here is a list of 5 different publications I subscribe to that help motivate, inspire, or push me to pursue the life that is meant for me. This list is in no particular order.

1. I really enjoy reading Brain Pickings' newsletter when it comes out every Sunday morning. It is technically a lifestyle blog but I find the articles Maria Popova writes are fantastic and help me learn new ways to function as a creative and a person.
2. Creative Mornings sends out weekly emails every Thursday full of inspirational quotes, creative works, neat websites, and possible jobs to apply for. In addition to this, they send an email every first of the month to share what that month's theme is. This month's (May 2018) theme is commitment and is part of the reason I am posting and taking more photographs.
3. Stage 32 is a website dedicated to connecting creatives with other creatives. They are constantly making posts about opportunities, ways to get noticed, creative advice, and what have you on their site. I find their newsletters very helpful.
4. Austin Kleon is no stranger to readers of my blog. I've referenced him several times because his articles and newsletters are refreshing. He shares not only his own blackout poetry but also creative tips, recommendations for books, films, and music, and philosophies. I cannot recommend his blog or his books (Steal Like An Artist and Show Your Work) enough.
5. Don't Keep Your Day Job is a lovely podcast created by Cathy Heller. She shares not only her story about becoming a professional creative but interviews other people who have also achieved their dreams. All of this to try to help you, the audience, get in alignment with your true self and do the work you love.

Here is one more recommendation as a special bonus:

6. Your Creative Push is a podcast that is similar to Don't Keep Your Day Job. Youngman Brown, the host of the podcast, interviews talented and creative individuals. In these interviews, you will find some really solid advice about the creative process, following your dreams, general life advice, and inspiration in hopes to push you towards pursuing your creative passions. Episode 283: How you do ANYTHING is how you do EVERYTHING (w/ Amy Dresnser) is an episode that I got some really good lifestyle and habit advice from. This episode, unlike others, does cover some adult topics but it is a really good episode.