GROW: One Artist's Manifesto


Chris Metzner is a fantastic, multitalented artist. I actually had the privilege of interviewing him once for a class assignment where I had to make a documentary. He specializes in illustrations and comics. He expanded his repertoire as a creative by releasing his first rap album Grow.

Chris's debut album is a fantastic, uncandid introspective into his own past, where he is at now, and where he is going. The poetry in his album is amazing, inspiring, and seriously tug at the heartstrings. One line from one track, in particular, stands out to me the most: "Really I'm a can of worms crawling through an apple core" describing his internal angst and struggles.

His style is pretty good and I look forward to hearing more of his work as a rapper. I think he has potential as a musician/rapper if he decides to continue going this route.

You can listen to his new album through Apple Music, Spotify, or purchase it on iTunes. You can check out his illustrations, including that awesome album cover, on his website. He also has an instagram you can follow for daily art.