2018: The Biggest Year of My Life

 Image by  Riley Burnham  © 2018

Image by Riley Burnham © 2018


2018 has thus far been a massive year of achievements and big life choices. It is truly hard to put into works the advancements that have been made and how my life is being propelled forward into the sort of life I want to be living. I graduated school, obtained a job in my field that will allow me to travel all over the world, and am learning how I want to contribute my work to the world.

After three something years in school, I had graduated Full Sail University with a 3.82 GPA. My pursuit of a Bachelors Degree in filmmaking had been a wonderful adventure of not only learning the artform but beginning to learn more about my self and how I fit in. With neither my mother or father ever having had graduated from college, it was a triumph. While attending school full time I also worked full-time odd jobs.

After working under contract after contract for some odd jobs, I felt that I was putting a career in my field on the back burner. I had made the promise to myself to take my passion as a career more seriously.Upon graduating school I started looking for work in my field and all I could find were full-time jobs that required 5 years professional experience in the field and short unpaid internships. So I researched what jobs the US armed forces might have in my field. There it was: 46Q Public Affairs. Basically photojournalism and right up my alley. Long story short, I got in and am excited to go through training.

I stopped trying to fit myself into a mold that has been established by someone else. Trying to become a YouTuber, I was running myself into the ground. I couldn't figure out how to fit daily vlogging, my blog, instagram stories, filmmaking, photography, and normal human things like sleeping within 24 hour periods. I realized I was trying to be Casey Neistat which is a really crappy thing for a creative to do: try to be someone you are not. So I started to look inside and figure out what medium works for me and how I can make it my own.

It has been a super exciting year of self-discovery and how I want to show up in the world. If you had told me last year that this is the route my life would be taking, I don't think I would believe you. But I am super excited to finally get out of my little comfort bubble, have a chance to see the world, and share all the cool things I find with you, my readers, followers, fans, family, and friends.