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Geek: Two Worlds


Geek: Two Worlds is a documentary that scratches the surface of geek culture and the individual experience within. It is a project I did for school and the first documentary I've ever made. At first I didn't think I was going to like filming documentaries but when I dived into this project I fell in love.

My original plan for Geek was to do a documentary that highlights what geek culture really is in contrast to how others perceive it to be which is often in a negative light. Big Bang Theory did a decent job putting geeks and nerds at the forefront of everyone's mind but it still mostly utilized stereotypes. I wanted to attempt to correct this in a less than 5 minute long video.

Needless to say, 5 minutes was not enough time to do that which is ok. During the interview process I became shocked and inspired by how Chanti's and Heather's experience contrast Joe's. I pivoted my position and used the footage I had to shed a little light on this contrast. I also tried to end the documentary on a more positive and hopeful note.

I do have intentions to approach this project again and expand on this concept in details. 5 minutes is not nearly enough time to dive deep into the issue. This documentary also does not present possible solutions or a call to action for audience members who are interested in helping make the world a better place in one aspect or another. This is something I strive for in future projects that touch on troubling subjects like this one scratches the surface of.

Supplies Used:

Camera: Sony PXW-FS5
Mic: Sony ECM-VG1
Lens: Sony E PZ 18-105 mm F4 G OSS

Apurture Amaran AL-H198
Apurture Amaran HR672S

Adobe Premiere Pro CC